‘A’ For Accept

A-Z Challenge

Hello Wild Ones,

I hope you are well and keeping safe. On this rumble, I will be rumbling on about a recent development in my life where I lost someone I love dearly so I chose to deal with the pain, confusion, and the best way I know how, writing. I will be doing an A-Z challenge inspired by Trina. I will be writing poems and articles depends on what I feel about the word. Hopefully, at the end of this, I will be feeling much better.

‘A’ for Accept

Sometimes in a tunnel you see the light and you know where the end is

Sometimes at the sea the waters are dancing too much and there is no end

Sometimes people fall out of love and the end is very clear

Sometimes people are still in love and can’t be together the waters are dancing

How do you accept an end that feels like a comma

Do you stand by the shores and wait for the waters to stop dancing

Do you dance with the waters

Do you walk away then come back later

Do you walk away and never come back

What kind of acceptance do you take

What does it mean to accept

With love ,pain, and confusion,


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