My name is Jackline Wanjira Njagi and I love to write. I am the quiet girl in my non-existent squad, not because my brain is empty but because I often giving things a lot of thought, and often you move on to the next topic before I get the chance to say something. Well, Lucky for you, you fell into this bottomless pit of joy (my blog) you are going to know so much.

I am passionate about self-love, self-care, and mental health. I struggle with my own mental health and I am on a journey to fall in love with myself deeply. I also love to talk about certain social issues that I care about like Feminism, Conservation, Youth Employment, and Mental Health. This is probably what you will mostly see on this platform too. (I hope you choose to stick around).

Randoms Fun Facts about Me

  • I find eating cold food comforting🍝
  • My second name means ‘Born by the Road,’ but I wasn’t born by the Road🛣
  • My favorite color is pink, so typical🌸
  • I have two left-feet and a hilarious go-to dance move.💃🏿
  • I wear jewelry on my leg (Anklet), hands (Two Rings and two Peyote bands), waist (Waist Beads), and neck (A necklace) fulltime. It is possible they add at most a kg to my weight, which is good because I have never gone above 48kgs.💎
  • I have a nose ring which has a special and secret meaning. 💍
  • I wear glasses (for light).👓
  • I love looking at beautiful art, especially myself; yes, I just called myself a piece of art. ❣❣❣
  • I looove flowers, especially any yellow flowers like sunflowers🌻🌻🌻 , so cute.
  • I am lactose intolerant, but my favorite snack is Yoghurt. 🥛
  • I am obsessed with Shonda Rhimes and all her movies. She is a genius, a queen, a terrific writer.👑👑
  • I love it when it rains, and there is a deep, violent storm, then the sun comes up. It’s like God saying,’ It’s going to be hard then really beautiful.’🌦🌤
  • I am obsessed with Reddit. I literally listen to some rough Google Reader Voice tell me all this drama that’s happening in people’s lives on YouTube. Reddit is my guilty pleasure. I looove the tea there. ‘It’s like wooow people have really messy lives but okay.’ ☕☕☕
  • When I am happy I feel a burst of big sunshine in my head 🌞🌞
  • I love write the word love with many ‘o’; Looooooooove

I was in a really good mood when I wrote this so I went on and on and on. I really hope you stick around.💝💝💝💝

With Looooove and sunshine 🌞💖🌞💖🌞💖🌞💖