Then I took one look at myself and saw the wounds. The ones I am ashamed and angry about. He looked at them and saw opportunity for growth.


At the sound of your voice, all I do is blush. These feelings I have tried to away brush. I think I have a massive crush. Can I your heart gatecrash?


Sometimes we fall and we stand up each time


Yours is a fire that comes from within. No one can take away from you not even yourself. You are the warm fire that brings people closer.

A for Army- What do I bring in a battle?

So if you ask me what I bring to a battle, I will tell you I bring my pen and paper. I write to live. Writing has saved my life so many times. It has helped me build my pain into something beautiful. It has given me something to call mine when I had nothing.

Baby Girl

Love yourself so hard so that you never take bare minimum from anyone


If I don’t then it was great to blossom with you


Hello Wild Ones💖💖💖, Today’s Commercial Break Fate Sometimes fate seems to hate You keep putting your best rate But it feels like locked is the happiness gate But don’t worry mate Sometimes it might feel like fate is late But I promise you fate has a date Keep faith and putting your best rate One…


Hello Wild Ones 💓💓💓 Care Sometimes care feels like a burden to bare Afraid the world will make you tear So many what ifs in the rear What if they don’t care What if all they do is snare I dare you to care It could end being the best share ************************** Today’s Tip ***************************…