D for Dare- What should I dare myself to do?

Hello Wild Ones ❤️,

I hope that great things are happening in your life and that you have found the reservoir of joy that never runs out. I am full of hope and life although I have hit a rut of unproductiveness this week. I have been sleeping really late and waking up really late too. I am also behind in all my courses and my internship. It’s like I have no concept of time because I am always at home and mostly in my room. All the same I will survive!!!

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So I thought about the most daring thing I have done and I think it’s doing my first poetry performance in front of a lot of people and after some Rwandan spoken word artists. I remember how much I was shaking when I did it but when I was done, I had this over the moon feeling that made all that anxiety and shaking worth it. I mentioned before that I barely do daring stuff so I went into the web to look for at least five things I should do before the end of the year. Most dares on the internet need you to have someone else which is tragic because I was looking to have my own small journey. I also wanted dares of things I am really scared of. Eventually, I just wrote my fears and turned them into dares.

  • Do skydiving or any activity to do with heights – I am completely and deeply afraid of heights. I hold to dear life every time I have to be in balcony that don’t look as to me. This probably stems from the fact that I fell off trees a lot when I was younger. Yes, I said trees!!! I used to climb trees a lot as a kid and becausey feet were small, I often missed steps and how I didn’t break my bones is a wonder. I would like to try skydiving to see what happens and also the fear I have for it would create some really good feeling after I have done it.
  • Try swimming for at least a month– I hate swimming pools. It looks like a big pool of germs. Swimming to me looks like sharing your bathwater with lots of people and the fact that people pee in pools just makes it worse. I think I would like to see if I like it after four times.
  • Explore more nightlife– I am always at home. I just never feel the need to party. I only party when there’s an event in school. I have always had so much fun in those events but I have never gone out of my way to party without a party being brought to me. I suspect I would really enjoy this so I should definitely try this.
  • Do a speech in front of a lot of people– I shake like afeeble twig everytime I have to speak in front of people. I should put myself in situations where I speak in front of a lot of people more.
  • Go on vacation alone– I am a Kenyan who has never been to Mombasa so this is what I should before I turn 23. This would be daring because I fear spending too much money and also because I have a great fear of the unknown.
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Yes! Yes! I have the most boring dares!!! May be I should leave room for some silly ones but I am yet to find those so if you have some I could do please do let me know. Anyway what are your biggest dares?

In Other News What am I wearing

  • A black and white floral top with off shoulder features and ruffles
  • A high waist trouser
  • A black and white beaded necklace ( I made this)
  • Really heavy and cute hoop earrings (I never finished a day in them)
  • Two buns on my hair
  • My really cute nose ring
  • My peyote bands
  • Maasai sandals
  • My anklet

Credit to my photographer and one of my favorite cousins: Ivy Jayne Wachira


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With Loooooove and Sunshine 💖🌞💖🌞, Jackie

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  1. GlendaLubuto says:

    Well, for me, it’s not really a fear… I just hate pools😂 Like you said, it’s like sharing bath water with strangers… I know there’s chlorine and all that, but my mind does a great job at analyzing all the possibilities and making it so disgusting 😂
    Perhaps that’s why I still can’t swim…

    Well that… and I also hate being wet😂

    But then again, I’ve been in pools for longer than an hour (still waiting to receive the bribes I was promised)😅😅

    1. jackie says:

      I know right!!! It’s hard to ignore the weirdness of the pool.

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