‘D’ for Dare

A-Z Challenge

Hi Wild Ones🕊️,

I hope you are well and keeping safe. I have been trying hard not to fantasize because that’s how I deal with pain. I create scenes in the place that triggered the pain and stop it from happening to me. I am trying my best to not pretend that I am okay. Anyway let’s get to the poem.


Dare to stick your nose in the air

Fill your lungs with life

Dare to listen to your breathing

Appreciate the rhythm it has

Because some days that’s all you will feel have

And it’s a blessing so love it!!!

With love and blessings,


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  1. estherikott says:

    In light of what you said, I’d tell you dare to smile through the pain and appreciate life.
    Thanks for the poem💚

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you for stopping by!!! Thank you for sending some love.

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