Do I believe in Love?

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I hope you are well and taking really good care of yourself. I hope you know how amazing you are and never let anyone put you down. I am currently full of hope and have a very busy schedule but I am surviving.

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I have been thinking about romantic love for the past few days. I have been wondering if I have ever really been in love. Is love as strong as people claim it is? If I had to choose between romantic love and money what would I choose? I have always believed that love is a choice but then that led me to stick in relationships I had no business nurturing. And if love is a choice then when do you decide to start choosing and when do you decide it’s too much? Someone else said that love is a verb, you know that a person loves you based on what they do.

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As if the world knew I was really thinking about this then I saw the statement above. I reflected on my relationships and decided that they were all lessons. It hurt to admit that I may have not been as in love as I thought I was or worse I had never been in love. I was just a girl with no boundaries and codependence trying to find love by giving too much. It hurt to admit that I put myself through some really horrible situatons for something that couldn’t have been love. And yes, life is about making big mistakes and learning from them. I made a mistake that did me and the people I was in relationships with a disservice so now I have to learn from this.

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After careful deliberation, I came up with two clear things that I need to work on. One, I must achieve certain goals or at least try on my list before I ever get into a relationship. This is based on the fact that I tend to be very stupid in love and I subtly find myself building a life around my love life. For Example; I have always wanted to go to Graduate School out of Africa but I always found myself feeling a little guilty because my ex-partner had shown disapproval. I knew that my dreams had to come first but I always found myself wondering if I was making a mistake. If I was becoming the stereotypical career woman who believes that they don’t need a man.

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I also decided that I need to fall deeper in love with myself and also really work on myself. I need to be able to believe that I am worthy of love and know exactly the kind of love that I deserve. This because I need to never let anyone treat me less. I deserve the kind of love that reinforces the awesome person that I am. The kind of love that is not afraid of my dreams but rather they see even more that I am capable of. My ground deserves to be kissed for having a queen like myself walking on it. I need to have spoiled myself so hard that I wouldn’t expect anything less because I have been to the best places of love and seen it.

Here’s to hoping that I find what it is like to be truly in love with someone else other than myself and loved equally.🍷🍷🍷

Do you believe in love and it’s power? What is love to you?


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With Loooooove and Sunshine 💖🌞💖🌞, Jackie

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  1. AP2 says:

    Interesting post. Love and what is it. It’s a great question. I tend to think that love is a commitment more than a feeling. But that commitment is undeniable. You will commit yourself to that person (your partner or child) for the rest of your life without question. Whatever may befall you and/or them. That is love for me. I’d add that you cannot truly love someone else without first learning to love yourself. Thanks for sharing your thought on the matter. You’ve made me think. All the best, AP2 🙏

    1. jackie says:

      Love is a commitment, That’s a really interesting input. Thank you for reading.💕💕💕

  2. Davy says:

    Love is love; a conscious decision you make to be with someone and commit to. Love in the romantic sense is intentional and for it to be worthy of being called love it has to be genuine. In the mutuality, I don’t subscribe to that notion because I believe if we really loved someone we don’t stop loving them. Instead, we accept the fact that we can’t be with them even though we still love and care for them. That’s some levelheadedness that’s not easy to come by in a highly polarized and partisan society where we are expected to either love or not love.

    Ultimately, love has no formula so you better go with the wave but most importantly, don’t lose yourself in the process. You’ll spend an eternity with yourself so at least love yourself enough to weather the storms.

    1. jackie says:

      This is very insighful. Gave a lot to think about. Thank you for the comment. 💖💖

  3. Dragthepen says:

    Great read. Something to think about. I am 56 and I have had good and bad relationships. I have never experienced authentic love. The love I hear people talk about so passionately. I have given up and I am on the path of loving me 100 percent.❤️

    1. jackie says:

      I read somewhere; ‘Be the greatest love story you have ever had’ I try to live by this.💕💕💕 Thank you for your comment.

      1. Dragthepen says:

        Thank you and yes I will 💘

  4. Love is a delicate balancing act… One has to learn how to balance the emotional bit of it and the societal norms. It takes wisdom to balance the two.

    1. jackie says:

      Woow, I have never thought about this. Thank you for commenting.

  5. judeitakali says:

    I think it will find you, never perfect but better than you thought

    1. jackie says:


      1. judeitakali says:


  6. Joana says:

    We all have different concept of love but like you said we need to learn to start loving ourselves first before craving for it from another person. I think when you learn to truly love yourself first, you’ll know what kind of love you want to receive and have in a relationship. ☺️

    1. jackie says:

      True🧡🧡 Self love is very important. Thank you for reading.

  7. I felt this post so strongly. I have had a lot of lessons that I thought was love at the time. There is one, though, that if I could go back I would, not because it was worth it but because at the time i didn’t see the mistakes i made. I wasn’t mature enough. If i could go back to that one, i would, just to see if my current maturity would help, but it probably wouldn’t because he was immature too. I am now married since 2014 and i cant say it’s perfect but i am happy. Love is tricky because i notice myself making a lot of mistakes but so does he. However, we forgive eachother no matter what and we both push eachother to be better people. He is very patient with me as i am with him. My patience varies based on my mood. I feel like i had to go through the lessons i went through before in order to apreciate the love i have now.

    1. jackie says:

      Woow this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story.💖💖

  8. Hamish says:

    I really like the today’s top tip you shared. If people offer advice, it is usually because they believe in us, but it’s hard to get over the hurdle I’d thinking “I’m being told in doing something wrong”. The advice won’t always be helpful. Sometimes it will be helpful but difficult to accept. That’s ok. Be content with ourselves, and our ability to learn from our mistakes – because really every decision we make us am opportunity for learning.

    Thank you for sharing. 😊

    1. jackie says:

      This is very insightful, every decision we make is opportunity for learning.

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