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Body Series

This series hopes to explore issues that women face when it comes to insecurities about their bodies and societal pressures. (I was going to write just my experience then I realized that that’s just one body type) I hope this style makes sense to y’all. Feel free to go back and read other articles for this series.


Physical beauty might be a natural endowment of the young and be enjoyed as long it lasts, but aging with grace and self-awareness, is where the true challenge lies.

Mchapus, Naked Thoughts

I recently encountered someone who believes a lot about hypergamy and how the modern girl spends her youth rejecting her male peers because she has a higher sexual market value (This is a thing) and prefers richer and more established men. When she gets to her thirties, her sexual market value reduces because she is older and aging; at this point, her peers reject her because they are richer and more established and they prefer younger women. At face value, there could be some truth in this, but life is not that black and white. This theory also makes women look like their only worth is their looks, and men’s worth is their ability to provide. While today’s article is not about hypergamy and the pressures that society puts on people when it comes to choosing their partners, I can’t stop thinking about the notion that a woman is a flower that blooms at adolescence and starts wilting away slowly into her forties.

While biologically it is true that a woman’s ability to give birth reduces by half when she gets to her thirties and then gets to about a quarter of what it was when she gets to her forties, it is the worst kind of thinking to decide that a woman’s worth is based on this especially now that there are scientific advancements to facilitate easier ways to conceive. It is callous to decide that a woman’s worth is in her ability to pop out kids. Having more years in your life should be seen as this growth and advancement but to a woman in her twenties, every year brings her closer to her wilting while men become more eligible and wanted.

Women have been taught to fear growth in their age which is so internalized that we are afraid to say our ages out loud at some point. There are so many industries making money over this fear of aging. Every face oil has a bold writing ‘Antiaging’. Women have been taught to fear wrinkles and not until recently white hair was really scary for most women. There have been routines that women have followed in order to keep young. Some of which include not smiling too much because of having smile lines.

I don’t how this notion that women’s beauty is a wilting commodity came from but I know it is the stupidest and most chauvinistic crap that I have heard and I can’t believe that for generations this is what most women buy into.

Here are some tips that could help women fall in love with themselves in a cruel world like this.

  • Compliment your body part
  • Take that body part on a date or a movie night like Jane from The Bold Type did for her boobs.
  • Follow people with your body type on social media, it always helps to see them looking really good.
  • Fall in love with yourself so no one can tell you anything about your body
  • Taking good pictures of yourself so that you can look at them on days you feel less helps a lot.
  • Remember you are sexy as hell


What is your take on the notion that women are wilting flowers?

Please share more tips for women to fall in love with themselves.


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With Loooooove and Sunshine 💖🌞💖🌞, Jackie

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  1. Leah says:

    I was reading somewhere that if you don’t want to age fast you should sleep while your face is facing upwards 😧 (Goodness).
    There is so much pressure and just the other day I was attending a seminar where a certain Lady said that at least by 30 a woman should be married and thinking of having kids. I asked myself, what if I get to that age and I ain’t ready for that, what next?? I was told my career can always wait but not the biological clock.

    In my opinion, I think we are withering flowers. I can’t bloom in my 30’s the way I will in my 20’s.

    1. jackie says:

      Wooow face upwards😪😪 True, we are treated like withering flowers, it is really sad that we have to go through this.

      Thank you for reading 🧡🧡🧡🧡

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