Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

Hello Wild Ones,

I hope you are well and surviving. I am currently very excited that today is my birthday. (Confetti flying everywhere!!!)

I am thankful to usher another year into my life. I am closely getting to my midtwenties and I just grateful for the far that I have come and the far that I am going. Life is funny. I had no idea my twenties would be like this. I expected very little but I have so much. I am just grateful to God and His Grace because I am very lucky. I can’t wait to see what 22 has in store for me especially now that I choosing to give myself more love and grace. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.

With love and loooove,


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  1. Rashi Singh says:

    22? That is awesome!!! Happy Birthday, Jackie!! Have a lovely day and make great memories this year!

    1. jackie says:

      Yes, 22!!! Thank you so much!!!

  2. judeitakali says:

    Happy birthday?🌸

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you !!!!

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