I have history

I have a history of thinking that cute guys that I want are out of my league

I have always put them up in the sky

To stare at in the dark nights as my stars

I have a history to write many cryptic poems about them

To train my mind that I can’t have them

To read why the mist has passed so that I can laugh at the thought of wanting them

I have a history of befriending cute guys I can’t have

So that I have access to their flags and pain them red

So that when I see this art I remember to teach my heart not to beat too fast

I have history of planning wedding and fertility plans for my crushes

So yeah, that’s why those flags have to be red

Because my brain is too stupid to process somethings

I have a history because you are the king of comebacks

You have the best kind of turpentine that cleans your flag

It’s had to ignore you and now we have a current

A current that has us swimming towards a ship

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  1. ThecuteGuy says:

    Cute guys too put you up there in your league . I know I do

    1. jackie says:

      Well, it’s human nature to put people we like on a pedestal

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