In Another World

Hello Wild Ones 🌞🌞🌞

I hope you are good and doing awesome things. My hope is that you are taking time to listen to your feelings. I am currently full of hope and peace.

I think the first time I noticed you, we were waiting for the bus, and my focus was solely on making sure that I got on so that I wouldn’t have to wait for the bus to come back. My bag was heavy (by now, you should have noticed I tend to carry a huge backpack). When the bus came, I remember charging towards it and then stopped to wait for the people in front of me to get, and you stood next to me and whispered, “Hi”. In my mind, you looked like you had been rehearsing. I also remember feeling like I had been seen, and even better, I had been seen by a person like you. Let me explain what a person like you means. You see, you are the hot boy most girls want, the one who goes for the hottest girl of the pack. This is the boy that spoke to me. Of course, I was losing my shit!!! Maybe I am prettier than I thought, and for the next few days, I would dress up knowing the right one had seen me. When things went wrong, I would remind myself that the hot boy down the hallway nervously said “Hi” to you. Like Girl!! He hinted to like you, of course, you are amazing. The next we got into contact, you asked me for my number, and my mind was going insane. Everything was coming together; I was already the luckiest girl on earth. The next day I even wore heels to work. My ego was shooting to the roof, and I was already wondering how best I was going to approach my project to fix you for myself.
I was going to build you from the ground up. I was going to make you a great man, and every time you look at the mirror, you see me the miracle worker that lets you see the light. The one who taught you to love the one who taught how to communicate. Boy!! I was consulting Mayo Clinic for you. I was going to be your everything. You would wake up and come find me because I am the sunshine that shines on your day, and you need to praise my awesomeness. Yeah, maybe I could have been a quarter of those things to you (just before I burnt out from taking care yet another 21-year old man), but you barely text me. I can’t believe you denied me the chance to grow through the mistakes I was going to take with you. Now my daddy issues won’t let me sleep in peace as I wonder what kind of crazy you would have me high on. So yeah, maybe in another world, I will be your sunshine!!!


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With Love and light


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  1. Shemace says:

    From your heart to our minds, beautifully written.

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you

  2. kinge says:

    Well written, expressive. What if this world version was better than the other world? Maybe she overcame the dissapointments and grew stronger and better carving a beautiful destiny…

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you

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