Jackie’s A to Z- The End

Jackie’s A to Z

Hello Wild Ones😻 😻 😻 ,

I hope you are well and that awesome things are happening to you. I hope that your mental health is okay. I hope that you are taking care of yourself and learning ways to find your zen. If you are not okay, it’s okay to be okay. I have been full of grace and happiness. I feel so happy with myself.

The challenge was the start of a journey to discover me. I made my writings intentionally about myself and I tried to write about myself in the most authentic and candid way in every post. My expectation was that by the end of the challenge I would figure so much about myself and maybe I wouldn’t feel so lost in this world. Well, I did find pieces of myself in those writing and talking so much about pain helped come to terms with my own. I read somewhere that when you write about something that happened to you, you regain some of the power you lost. True!!! I have gained so much confidence and power from what I have been writing in the past three weeks. Do I feel exposed by the stuff I put out? Yes! In fact, I had to learn to reinforce my boundaries on how much I engage with people who relate to my posts and contact me on my email. Does this mean that I will shy away from putting this out? As much as it can get scary, the kind of freedom that you get from speaking your truth is amazing. No matter how ugly the truth, there’s beauty in living your truest and most authentic life. Allowing yourself to feel things as you feel them. Allowing yourself to understand why you feel the way you do. This challenge helped me sit with my own feelings. There’s so much that I discovered about myself as I wrote. It just came to me as I was typing away. I am not done discovering myself this is why most of my pieces will reek of my DNA. This challenge reminded me of why I started this blog. I had many questions about a lot of things and I needed answers so I decided to write about them. I got to ask questions about myself and challenge myself to answer them. In the midst I found myself, I found the little girl who just wanted to own her own car and company and still be able to write. I am glad that as much as this much deepness scares me and I was able to pull it off. I am grateful for the beauty that I got from this. To be honest I am a little afraid to let go. (What if I am not as good in the next chapter) A voice keeps whispering. But we really can’t add more alphabets so I just have to suck it up and move on. Anyway, I am grateful for those who stuck through the whole 26 days. I am humbled. So on to the next chapter!!!! I would love to challenge anyone who felt just a little inspired by my journey to try this. You will love what you find at the end of the challenge. I promise!!!

What’s next: poetry, some award posts, and also I need to post all my drafts by the mid of August then maybe I create some sort of theme on how I post stuff (if that’s not too rigid for my creative juices). I also have another series that might be a little too personal but I will write it up and see how it sits with me having this information on the internet before publishing or just deleting.😂😂😂😂😂 (I might try to be the Kenyan president in 2040 so…….)

In other news what am I wearing: (I am also sad that I won’t be doing photoshoots daily, I was getting used to feeling like a model/celebrity) May be I should actually consider modelling……

  • Peach head scarf
  • Pink top
  • Blue trousers
  • Red lipstick
  • Gold necklace
  • My promise rings
  • My Maasai sandals
  • Yes, that bra strap is too much but I didn’t care😂😂😂😂

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  1. Can’t wait for what’s next for us all
    Above it all,I’m happy for you and how much of help the challenge was for you 🤗

    1. jackie says:

      Aaaaw, Thank you!! I can’t wait to see your blogs too!

  2. judeitakali says:

    Very interesting ideas

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you!

      1. judeitakali says:

        You’re welcome

  3. Beautiful ideas Jackie, very interesting ❤️😍

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you!!

  4. PoojaG says:

    It was a really fun challenge to read and I think it allowed your readers to get a better insight into your thoughts. Oh and I love your shirt!

    1. PoojaG says:

      Ps. I would totally vote for you lol!

      1. jackie says:

        Eiiiiy!!!! I have one vote!!!

    2. jackie says:

      Thank you for reading and engaging all through. Really kept me going to know there were people out there actually reading my content.

      1. PoojaG says:

        I’m so glad it kept you going and I look forward to what new ideas you come up with for your other posts!

  5. True. The kind of freedom achieved from speaking your truth is incomparable! Freedom is my ideal too. 😇

    1. jackie says:

      Yes it is!! Thank you for reading and commenting❤❤

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