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Body Series

This series hopes to explore issues that women face when it comes to insecurities about their bodies and societal pressures. (I was going to write just my experience then I realized that that’s just one body type) I hope this style makes sense to y’all. Feel free to go back and read other articles for this series.

L for Look

Yesterday I wore a really cute dress because I felt really cute despite being in the middle of a lockdown. Later, when I walked down to the shops and this man could not stop staring at me. At first, I was going to ignore him; then I decided to stare back at him so that he could stop. He would stop then when I started going about my business; he would start again. I began to feel even more uncomfortable and even a little unsafe. When the shopkeeper had given me my things, I rushed home and didn’t stop anywhere. When I told someone about my encounter, he looked at me then laughed before asking, ‘How do you dress like that and not expect men to admire? You are dressing for us.’ I couldn’t believe what he had just said, and so I just spent the next hours questioning why I was even friends with him because I don’t exist to be looked at and sexualized by men. I am more than that.

This is not the first time it has happened and will probably be the last time that it will happen. Women are sexually harassed daily by men who ogle at them and sexualize them for just being sensual and embracing their beauty. When a woman complains that she is being harassed, she is told to shut up and accept the compliment. The only problem is that there is no day that this kind of abuse will become a compliment to women. Society has a habit of blaming the victim so much that women are trained to behave a certain way to prevent themselves from being sexually harassed or assaulted, making men feel justified to be this disgusting. This is not even about modesty or temptation because children still face this, and there are still disgusting memes like the one that says, ‘These Muslim babes are so sexy that I want switch gods.’ It might look funny on the surface, but really all it does is sexualize Muslim women who are often very modest in their dressing.

Before, women used to sit down and take this kind of harassment, but now they are learning to show back and take up their space. The hope is that more men reform from this disgusting behavior and become allies to women who have to go through this every day. The truth is that this behavior only destroys the self-esteem of a woman. When my titties started growing, I remember having to endure men old enough to be my father jeering at my tiny melons. This is how I wound up with an awful relationship with my boobs because they always got creeps staring at me, and somehow it always wound up to be my fault. I hope that my daughter never looks at her boobs and feels like they are the reason she can no longer be at peace and feel safe. I hope more men rise and hold their friends accountable when they do such disgusting things.


Have you ever experienced this? How did you deal with it?


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  1. Silver says:

    Oh what children they are. thinking we dress for THEM ><

    1. jackie says:

      Very childish!!!!

  2. I hope so too Jackie! Glad to have read this.

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you for reading Emmanuel. Long time. How are you? Have you written recently?

  3. teewright429 says:

    Hi Jackie! I’ve really enjoy your blog and IG posts and was recently really inspired by this series. I’ve challenged myself to think of ways to relieve anxiety starting with each letter of the alphabet. Can I cite your blog?

    1. jackie says:

      Heeey, I am glad that you were inspired to write more. Thank you for being here and my IG too. Sure you can cite my blog.

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