Looking for love

Just Hoping for love

Hello Wild Ones 🧡🧡🧡🧡(Just looking for love today)

I hope you are well and loving yourself right. I am currently really full of hope and sunshine. Great things are happening.

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Looking for love

I have talked about my dreams before

I sometimes lay awake at night

Wondering if I will ever be good enough to love

If there is indeed someone out there for someone like me

I envy people who have long found their partners

Or better those who have found peace in being alone and have no desire to love

Meredith Grey once said ‘It is better to be successful alone than with someone and always feel like a failure’

I sometimes wake up and wish this is the day I discover I prefer no love

The wait is scary, lonely and full of shame (toxic feminism peering at me)

Don’t get me wrong, I love myself and comfortable alone

But I still yearn for the security that comes from love

I want my own personal cheerleader and best friend.

But what good does this dream do to me?

This dream keeps believing and hoping

I live for now and the better days that this dream could bring

I only hope that I remember to live and breathe when the dream finally arrives


Have you found love in another person other than yourself?


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With loooooove and light🌞💛🌞💛


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  1. Dragthepen says:

    I too mis begin with that special someone. Begin single, alone, with self, what ever people want to call it is sad. I have learned to deal with not having that special someone. I am not searching or waiting for that special someone. At 57, I am learning to love me and the family and friends I have.❤️

  2. You’ll find someone loveable and worthy of you soon.. in the meantime just enjoy being single.. ❤️

  3. Lynn🌸 says:

    I love that this is soo relatable ❤️

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