Attention- The Simp

I have been looking at myself and my behavior towards certain people in my life and I wondered if I was a simp. I did that test, I am the Queen of Simpness. I could start a school on simping.

What If I could change one thing about myself

If I could change anything about myself, it would be nothing. I am not saying that I am perfect. I am saying that I am perfectly imperfect. I am saying that I am in love with myself as I am.

J for Jog

Body Series I hope you are alive and kicking. My hope is that you are treating your royal self like the royalty that you are and taking care of yourself. I am currently full of peace and hope as life gets better. Today’s Commercial Break Body Series This series hopes to explore issues that women…

My Life Should Look Better on Facebook

Once you have seen your peers going off to big countries and having the time of their lives, you start to think that you have failed because the furthest you have gone all year long is outside your house to get milk.

What If I could back in time

What If Series Hello Wild Ones 💕💕💕 I hope you taking care of yourself and reciting positive affirmations. May you always know that you are awesome and loved. I am currently full of love and peace for myself. Today’s Commercial Break What If Series I will share the most random what if that come to…


So if you have been hurt and you have decided that love isn’t worth it. Think about the beauty that you are missing out on just because one person was wrong for you. You don’t stay on the ground when you fall on the way to a certain destination.

K for Kiss

My Body Series Hello Wild Ones 🌺🌺🌺 I hope you are well and doing great. I hope that you know you are a kick-ass person and just amazing. My prayer is you wake up and you are grateful for the amazing human that you are and seize the day. I am full of hope and…

The Unthought Known

These are the dreams we have lost sight of or the truths we sense
but don’t say out loud. We all have that one dream that we have learned to not talk about because we are afraid of how we will look like.

What if I could stop time

What If Series I hope you are well and that great things are happening for you. My prayer is that you know how awesome you are. I am currently really proud of how awesome I am and the dope things I continue to do. Today’s Commercial Break What If Series I will share the most…


I recently I met a person who unintentionally says the most affirming things to me and it felt like a friendship made in heaven. It was so easy for me to feel loved and wanted with them.