Consent: 4 things I now know

I will be writing a letter to my younger self about the lessons, I learn about consent throughout the years. Sit tight and enjoy the lessons.

Victim Mentality: 5 Ways to Let it Go

I go through life getting the experience like I am a pawn in a chess game. I am never the doer, always the receiver. I have a serious victim mentality 😪😪.


I am learning to add romantic love as part of my dreams and not something that I get to after being the great person I am meant to be. I am learning to permit myself to say that I have it all. I can have all that I have dreamed of.

Body Insecurities-M for Mood

Having these days where you feel like you are less doesn’t mean that you have fallen. It just that you are human, and it’s okay to have bad days. It’s okay to feel unattractive sometimes. It’s okay to have body insecurities sometimes.

The Defining Decade Review- The Customized Life

In her book, ‘The Defining Decade’, Meg Jay emphasizes that when you claim a path, you are not settling but starting. It is important to realize that you are different everywhere you go.

What if there was nothing like Bad Vibes

What if there is no such thing as bad vibes? Maybe it’s just messages that we are not ready to have with ourselves, others, and society in general. Ask yourself why someone makes you so uncomfortable.