Perfect Opportunities to fall in love with your body

Taking Time to Fall in Love your Body

The Body Series (A journey to Fall in love with my body)

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I hope you are well. I hope you know that you are sunshine and the world needs to see you shine. Never let anything dim your light. I am trying my best to be consistent🌞🌞.

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Perfect Opportunities

O for Opportunities

I am currently living my best life in Diani, Kenya. I have been enjoying the beautiful view of the beach. It’s the best thing ever. This experience actually convinced me to start learning to swim, I wanna do more in the water. I just have to. So here comes my insecurity, I have to wear a swimsuit to get into the water. The thought of wearing a swimsuit can be really scary.

When I first got to the beach, I wasn’t really thinking about my body. I was proud of it because I had been exercising for my mental health. Then I made friends with this guy who was very keen on getting me hitched with a white tourist🤣🤣🤣 (I found it hilarious for the most part). He kept making comments about my fupa (fat upper pubic area) and how I need to start doing runs and exercises because I have a pretty face and my body just needs work. It was probably never to put me down, he actually thought he was helping but those comments and having someone dissect my body like that made me feel so bad 🤧.

Perfect Opportunities to fall  in love with your body

I then started a routine that built me up so well that last weekend when high tides came to the beach, I had no choice but to walk on the road with just a bikini and I was not afraid to walk like that. This is not to say that there are no days I feel insecure but now I know how to deal better. Some of the opportunities I take to fall in love with my body are:

Perfect Opportunities to fall  in love with your body

1. Magic Whispers is a great way to fall in love with your body

I have talked about the beauty of whispers before. Whispering sweet things to yourself can take you a long way. The world is already not so good to you by expecting to meet all these beauty standards. You deserve to have yourself on your side. Have someone who believes that you are sexy as you are. I like to whisper to myself that I have a beautiful body and that I am sexy when I am exercising. I like to think that I am trynna build good habits and muscle, I can always build my self-image.

2. Compliments, a trick to fall in love with your body

I choose to believe and validate every compliment I get. I sometimes take away power from people who think that they are building me up by telling me that I am beautiful. You know the kind that thinks you will die of low self-esteem if they don’t compliment you (Hey, Nice boy.) I always like to add something that lets them know that I know that I am beautiful and also remind myself that. I am particularly careful with these kinds of compliments because my love language is words of affirmations. I often say ‘Thank you’ but sometimes I say ‘ I know right’.

3.Cute Clothes, one of the easiest ways I fell in love with my body

You can never go wrong by dressing up in clothes that make you feel like the queen that you are. Always dress up and take time to admire yourself. I like to admire myself in front of every mirror I see. I am not asking that you become vain but show yourself off. Be proud of you are and what body you have. If you don’t love your body, who will?

4.Self Care Routine- Daily falling in love with your body

Have things in your day that make your body feel special. It could be a long shower with a sweet-smelling soap or a face mask. Some people also spend a lot of time oiling their bodies while loving on every inch of who they are. You can also have a sweet-smelling perfume. I like to spray myself while whispering ‘The smell of sensuality and greatness’ and all day I enjoy that smell as my affirmation. My friend likes to say that I have weird self-care routines but it works for me. Taking care of myself might look weird and maybe narcissistic but it allows me to show up in spaces happier and ready to love and treat people right.

5.Exercise- A journey to love

I exercise for my mental health and I also want to have body strength. I use an app that gives me daily challenges and I enjoy doing them. When I miss I teach myself grace. Exercising makes me feel so beautiful and strong.

6. Gratitude- Finding love and sunshine

Being grateful for my body and all it can do allowed me to come home to it. I like to appreciate it for mundane stuff like being able to walk, run, etc. I love my body for allowing me to experience life the way I do.


What opportunities do you take to fall in love with your body?

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  2. Loving your body can be a really long journey but these tips definitely help. Loved the piece❤️❤️❤️

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