Questions I hate

I hate it when people ask me if I am okay

Cause I either have to lie or tell you and y’all always the wrong things

Like Don’t let the sadness get to you, you are strong

Then I start to feel weak because the sadness has got to me, I am not srong

I hate it when people ask me why I might be depressed

Cause I don’t know if I am even depressed, I could be just moody

And I hate to put a possessive pronoun near depression

Also because I really don’t know why I sometimes wake up feeling so down

I hate it when people ask why I don’t smile alot

Because I really don’t know and care for smiling

Because it’s not my duty to make your day better by smiling

I hate it when people ask why I look good at a particular day “Do you have a date?

First of all, I look good everyday in my eyes and my important opinion

Two, Is a guy the only reason I can look good?

Third, I look good because I like seeing what I see in and on myself

Fourth, I often wear lingerie just because I like how I feel in it

I hate it when people ask “Are you okay?’ when I am about to cry

Because I often burst into tears

And you often have no idea how to deal with a crying girl

Also I am that bitch!! So I don’t cry in front of people

I hate it when people ask what my writing meant or who I was writing about

Because your interpretation should be the only thing that matters to you; that’s the point of the writing.

Because the fact that I tell intimate stuff about my life should be enough and when I choose to withhold some, don’t get angry

Because you make my writing look like a gossip magazine for gathering information about me instead of trying to see how the words I write change you or improve you.

I don’t hate it when you ask the point of this article

Because I also don’t know

But I will leave with the dopest poem I have ever heard by Mutabaruka

With love and whatever this is,


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