At the sound of your voice, all I do is blush. These feelings I have tried to away brush. I think I have a massive crush. Can I your heart gatecrash?

In Another World

You would wake up and come find me because I am the sunshine that shines on your day and you need to praise my awesomeness

I think you like me: Five Reasons

Anyway back to caramel king (Of all the cheesy names though), he was magnificent and you know already your girl was already making important life decisions to make sure that our marriage would work out just fine

Pink Passion

Eve Series Hello Wild Ones 🌸🌸🌸, I hope you are well and doing great things. I hope you have taken the time to listen to your feelings and loving on yourself for the awesome person that you are. I am currently full of love and grace. I have been so full of happiness lately. Pink…

No time

Hello Wild Ones, I hope you are well and doing great. I am doing really well and grace has been on my side. No time You are the poster child of positivity You dance about the rain When all I see is dark clouds You make the world beautiful Because you take the lemons Use…

Girls Like her

She sits at the middle seats in a crowd She likes to be seen but not too much Girls like her feel lucky because of your gaze at them Not because their mama never told they are beautiful Not because they haven’t seen the beauty that oozes out of them But because you are the…