Victim Mentality: 5 Ways to Let it Go

I go through life getting the experience like I am a pawn in a chess game. I am never the doer, always the receiver. I have a serious victim mentality 😪😪.

My Life Should Look Better on Facebook

Once you have seen your peers going off to big countries and having the time of their lives, you start to think that you have failed because the furthest you have gone all year long is outside your house to get milk.

What if I could start over

So what if I could start over? I would walk into the storm head-on and fight. I would come home to myself and fight the wildness inside. I would let the storm inside me fight me and through me around as I learn more about the root cause of this wind and its rhythm.

Some Days

Some days have low hanging clouds and you will survive them

H for Hollow- How to fill that hollow space

Jackie’s A to Z Trigger Warning Hello there, I hope you are well and doing great. I am also well and feeling alive. Let’s get to it. Today’s Commercial Break Everyone has a space in their chest, soul, heart, or head that they are always trying to fill. Mine exists in my heart, head, and…


You are healing even when it doesn’t feel like it. One day you will look back and be glad you kept going and healing. So stay strong.


Sometimes we fall and we stand up each time


Just a little twist and there goes a flash


This is empty sadness. Its full but you can’t grasp it. No reason for it.You just can’t explain it.


Sometimes being lost in yourself is the worst feeling