The Defining Decade Review- The Customized Life

In her book, ‘The Defining Decade’, Meg Jay emphasizes that when you claim a path, you are not settling but starting. It is important to realize that you are different everywhere you go.

The Unthought Known

These are the dreams we have lost sight of or the truths we sense
but don’t say out loud. We all have that one dream that we have learned to not talk about because we are afraid of how we will look like.

ALU Rwanda: The Good and The Not So Good

Hello Wild Ones🌹🌹, I hope you are doing awesome and taking great care of yourself. My prayer is that you are prioritizing yourself and setting clear boundaries. I am a little off today but I have a journal and a bag full of self-love. After mentioning that I am a student at African Leadership University…


Eve Series Hello Wild Ones😊😊😊, I hope you are well and doing great things. I hope you are taking the time to love on the amazing person that you are. I hope you are whispering to yourself how beautiful and awesome you are. I am currently filled with joy and happiness with who I am….

Why I chose to take entrepreneurship

Hello Wild Ones🌷🌷🌷, I hope you are keeping safe and loving on yourself. I hope you have included self-care in your routine. I am currently full of hope and grace. So school is only one month away and I am already tired of the zoom classes and online assignments(yes, I can smell the stench of…