So if you have been hurt and you have decided that love isn’t worth it. Think about the beauty that you are missing out on just because one person was wrong for you. You don’t stay on the ground when you fall on the way to a certain destination.


They say ‘Do it afraid’ so stop running

Radio Signal

But because the sky no longer shines as bright with you dimming like that


Hello Wild Ones 💚 💚 💚, I hope you are well and surviving. I have this serenity I can’t explain and I am just glad that I am okay. Diet Hugs to yourself Cuddles with myself Dates all by myself Conversations with myself A small diet to knowing myself Then next I will have faith in what I…

The Difficult Woman

Difficult woman, average looks, just okay body so lucky to have this man beautiful angel from heaven. Isn’t she lucky? Difficult woman is loved. The eighth wonder of the world. The difficult woman got hurt by her angel but he is an angel.

Silent Walls

Eve Series Hello Wild Ones 💓💓💓, I hope you are well and doing awesome things. I hope you are loving yourself and taking care of yourself. I am currently struggling a little with my mental health but I have a bag full of self love and peace so I will survive. Silent Walls You slide…

The Rise

Eve Series Hello Wild Ones 🌻 🌻 , I hope you are well and doing everything to take care of yourself and the beautiful soul that you are. I hope that you can feel the sunshine in you. I am currently in a weird mood. I can’t decide if I am sad or not. The Rise The…

Love’s Elixir

Eve Series Hello Wild Ones🌺 🌺 🌺 , I hope you are loving and caring for yourself. You deserve the best things in this life and never let anyone tell other wise. I am currently full of sunshine in my brain. I am happy, really happy. Love’s Elixir She could feel the world spinning Her knees slowing towards…

Pulse Check!!!!

am far from healing and I still have moments when I feel like everything is slipping away but I now know how to handle it. I am still learning to love myself and forgive myself for all that I was and wasn’t to myself and others. May be one day I will actually look back at these struggles and be glad for the pain.