G for Goals- What are my goals really?

Hello Wild Ones💕💕, I hope you are well. I am currently full of innate joy and peace. Let’s just get to it. Today’s Commercial Break What are my goals? In all my 22 years, I have changed my goals and dreams so many times. But deep down everything is the same. I am still the…

That’s me!!

So today, we are going to talk about (Drum rolls please) Meeeee!!! I know, I know that’s not what y’all probably want to read about and to be honest I was very reluctant about writing about myself, but then I realized two things;


But Her existence is considered a gift

R for Regret

Hello Wild Ones, I hope you are alive and kicking. I have a small wind around me but I have some small calm tree in my corner. Regret Say the serenity prayer whisper it to your soul Because the rain is raining And your overcompetent ass is taking the blame It’s raining and you regret…