Do I believe in Love?

I have been thinking about romantic love for the past few days. I have been wondering if I have ever really been in love. Is love as strong as people claim it is? If I had to choose between romantic love and money what would I choose? I have always believed that love is a choice but then that led me to stick in relationships I had no business nurturing.

I think you like me: Five Reasons

Anyway back to caramel king (Of all the cheesy names though), he was magnificent and you know already your girl was already making important life decisions to make sure that our marriage would work out just fine

What is love?

On today’s episode of my randomness, I decided to embark on a small research journey to find out what love really is.

Blurred Lines In Consent!!!

When I look back on that even I realize how blurred the lines of consent are sometimes. Like we both failed at being “responsible” with consent!! My body language should have matched my words and he should have taken no for an answer.

No time

Hello Wild Ones, I hope you are well and doing great. I am doing really well and grace has been on my side. No time You are the poster child of positivity You dance about the rain When all I see is dark clouds You make the world beautiful Because you take the lemons Use…