Eve Series Hello Wild Ones 💛💛💛 I hope you are well and that you are taking care of yourself. My prayer is that you are loving yourself right. I am currently full of hope and grace. Class There’s a whole broken world begging for you to fix it There are people who will expect you…

Boundaries: My Best Discovery

My therapist often told me that boundaries without consequences is like a door without a padlock. Everyone knows about it but they walk in and out the way they want. She made me learn that one boundary that I had to learn to exercise is refusing to let anyone even myself to tell me what I should feel


Eve Series Hello Wild Ones🌻🌻🌻 I hope you are good and doing awesome things. My hope is that you are taking time to listen to your feelings. I am currently full of hope and peace. BirthRight You go about life Making yourself small Dimming your light Just in case no one ever says ‘You are…

I feel vs I am

Notice how I say “I feel”. I am a great preacher of the your feelings are valid sermon. When you feel something, you should never ignore or gaslight yourself. But then what happens when you acknowledge that you feel ugly or broken?