I am learning to add romantic love as part of my dreams and not something that I get to after being the great person I am meant to be. I am learning to permit myself to say that I have it all. I can have all that I have dreamed of.


I mean the person you marry will have so much power over your dreams, goals, finances, peace and even health. If you have kids with them then you are stuck with them for life. I read on this on ‘The Defining Decade’ and I can’t seem to stop thinking about this fact.

Attention- The Simp

I have been looking at myself and my behavior towards certain people in my life and I wondered if I was a simp. I did that test, I am the Queen of Simpness. I could start a school on simping.


So if you have been hurt and you have decided that love isn’t worth it. Think about the beauty that you are missing out on just because one person was wrong for you. You don’t stay on the ground when you fall on the way to a certain destination.


I remember wondering how they could have loved each other for more than fifty years like that. How they could have loved each other through all those different seasons? How did they still adore each other despite the changes they underwent as years progressed?


The truth is I cannot put men in a box and decide that they are like this or that. I just know that queens deserve better than being supportive partners. They deserve partners that are not afraid to watch them shine. A partner who makes it easier for them to shine.

That Moment

Oddly in 2020, I had the hope of knowing what true love is and I had that moment where I looked at someone and I realized I was in love and it didn’t matter if they loved me back or I wound up with them, I just loved them and it was beautiful.


Then I took one look at myself and saw the wounds. The ones I am ashamed and angry about. He looked at them and saw opportunity for growth.


At the sound of your voice, all I do is blush. These feelings I have tried to away brush. I think I have a massive crush. Can I your heart gatecrash?

Do I believe in Love?

I have been thinking about romantic love for the past few days. I have been wondering if I have ever really been in love. Is love as strong as people claim it is? If I had to choose between romantic love and money what would I choose? I have always believed that love is a choice but then that led me to stick in relationships I had no business nurturing.