The Forbidden Rose

Hello Wild Ones 😘😘,

I hope you are well and letting your wings to fly. I hope that you are adding self-care to your schedule. I hope that you are smiling at yourself once in a while and whispering how amazing you are. I have innate peace and joy and I currently trying to keep whispering “I am sexy” every time I feel like my stomach rolls are too much since I don’t feel like exercising it away.

This is just a random poem that I felt like writing. (I will be doing this a lot)

The Forbidden Rose

Roses are beautiful

Everyone knows

This rose is beautiful

I have experienced its scent

But it’s growing in the wrong garden

It is also growing in the wrong season

I keep standing at the fence

Marveling at it’s beauty

Then I pinch myself

Why am I falling for what’s clearly not mine?

If it was mine it would be in the right garden and season

But I love what its scent does to me

I want to nurture this rose

I want it to know that I adore it

But how do you love what’s not really yours

I guess rose thorns aren’t the only things that bring pain when it come to roses

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With looove and grace,


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  1. Why am I falling for what’s not mine??…
    I loved that part😪❤
    Great great..keep up⚡⚡

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you 💖💖

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