The Rain Barely Soaks

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I hope you are well and doing well. My prayer is that you are taking good care of yourself and loving on yourself. I am full of hope and trust for a better tomorrow.

Just A Monologue- Could be meaningless

There’s a big dark cloud just looming. If you listen carefully you will hear it whisper “doom”. She is shaking and praying for rescue but it’s her cloud, she is the cloud. How do you rescue yourself from yourself? The wind inside her starts to beat and she shakes in fear. It is one thing to terribly afraid but other million things to be terribly afraid of yourself. The kind of fear that shakes everything that you ever believed in. Love, what is love? Life, what is the point? Joy, will it ever come? Then comes the thunderstorm and lighting beating through and announcing the presence of anger and bitterness. She falls to her knees in awe of how the seething happening in her. The kind that makes her want to pull her hair and scream. Then suddenly everything stops and it starts to rain. It’s chilly drops. Ever falling ever present. They don’t soak enough for to understand the wetness. They keep falling just enough to make her aware it’s raining pain inside her. So when you see her treat her with kindness, offer a hug, it could go a long way in bringing some much needed warmth.


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  1. PoojaG says:

    Wow that was really touching. I think we all have parts of ourselves that we hate and there are always memories that continue to remind us of the bad things in our life and to hurt us. You really captured that.

    1. brayo0 says:

      I agree with you.

    2. jackie says:

      This is a beautiful interpretation. Thank you for reading.

  2. judeitakali says:

    Beautiful writing. Very sad, hope you’re okay. The last tip on insomnia is quite intriguing

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you. I am okay. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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