The Texts (Part 2)

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So he is awake, and I am shivering while wondering if I should ask about these goddamn texts. What if it’s true that he was cheating on me? How am I going to deal with it? He is my life. What if it’s true? Maybe I should pretend I haven’t seen them? I will eventually forget about this pain, and then we will be happy again. Maybe I need to take that number and give her a piece of my mind. I will let her know that this man is mine; she should fucking back off. This is my territory!!! Wait!!! Aren’t I supposed to be a feminist? So why am I pissed at this girl who might not even know I exist? Michaella!!! Listen to yourself!!!
The one who has wronged is this man. But he is making breakfast and smells really nice!!! Focus dummy!! He was cheating on you emotionally. Was? He is still cheating on you emotionally!! Can you believe it? While he was busy telling you how much he loves you, he was also copying and pasting the same message to this girl. Well, I guess the whole message wasn’t that special. He just brought breakfast; should I ask him before or after eating? Could he make it any harder? It’s my favorite breakfast; fried bacon, bread evenly pasted with margarine, pineapples, and milk. The smell of freshly fried bacon is populating my mouth with a lot of salivae and a strong desire to partake in this heavenly meal. He is so romantic, though. Maybe I should let this go. What if he does it for the other girl. Michaella!! Woman up and ask this man why he was texting stop salivating over his food and ask the damn question. But I want to eat this food!!! Girl, are you that hungry? You can throw your plate at him then eat from his plate as he claims.
Okay, time to throw that plate at him. Aaaaaaand scene!!!! I frown quickly and stare at his big brown eyes with the most piercing look I can come up with. Confusion immediately registers on his face as he moves forward to hand the plate of delicacies, and I move forward to hit the plate towards him. The slices of my sweeeeet bacon land on his face, and he grabs it very fast, screaming, ” It’s hot!!! Are you insane? What the hell? Are you insane?” For a moment, I am worried that I burnt his beautiful face, but he is okay. So time to start screaming her name while asking what he is doing with her. ” Auuui, Rebecca!! Rebecca!! You think I don’t know!!! So you think I am a fool!!” He puts his plate down as more confusion registers on his face. I am repeatedly screaming, picking my delicacies from the floor, and throwing at him, waiting for a response. He doesn’t touch his food, he just stares into empty space like a fool and says nothing. I get tired of screaming and finally collapse into tears. Why would these damn tears come now? I just want to scream at him until he answers. What answer am I even looking for? His face says it all he did it!! So I just sit on my delicacies and cry!!! What else can a girl do after realizing that she gave a man everything, and it wasn’t enough?

With love and Fiction,


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  1. Flor says:

    Cry😪.Let the anger out then pick thineself up.His loss!!

    1. jackie says:

      True!!! Thank you!!

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