The Twenties

Looking at ‘The Defining Decade by Meg Jay’

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I will be analyzing this book while putting some of my own story in it. I hope you learn something from it. Please check the book below. I would appreciate it if you read it and share your understanding too. Please read other blogs on the analysis of ‘The Defining Decadehere.

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The Twenties

Yet Even as we dismiss the twentysomething years, we fetishize them

Meg Jay, The Defining Decade

Almost every time I tell someone, how worried I am that I have not started making money consistently or that I don’t have an exactly stable job, they respond, ‘Relaaaax, you are still young!!’ I often wonder until when I would get away with the fact that I am still young. Another common remark is that I worry too much that the twenties are for fun. So many people spend their twenties not doing much with their lives because there is an idea in the world that if you don’t have fun in your twenties, you will have a midlife crisis. This kind of thinking also translates to relationships where sometimes twentysomethings are encouraged to date numerous people before settling because they will have a yearning for variety since they never got to enjoy it in their twenties. The weird thing is that we are expected to dismiss our twenties and just relaaax but most people are always trying to look twenty-something old despite being older.

There is always this deep desire to have the most fun but also this pressure to at least know where you are going because once you hit thirty, you are expected to have a family and a good job. But at what point do you start pursuing that job deeply and having serious relationships that could lead to a good marriage? At what point do the fun stop and the seriousness begin? These are things I often wonder.

I try to live a life where age doesn’t define me but the truth is that time matters a lot. There can be enough quotes in the world to make me believe that it doesn’t matter if I am forty and starting my career and great examples of people who made it at an old age but what does it really mean to be a twenty-something year old? Do you consider yourself an adult at twentysomething especially as an African? Can I still consider myself if I still rely on my parents for financial support? Reading ‘The Defining Decade’ By Meg Jay gave me a little more light on how I should go about my twenties and how I can make the most of the time I have in my twenties. I can’t wait to analyze this book chapter by chapter. I hope to insert my own stories and experience in it and also create at least five questions one can ponder over when reading this book. Hopefully, you can follow me through this journey or even better read the book and add more insight to me.💖💖💖


What are you doing with your twenties or what did you do with your twenties?


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  1. I can’t wait for this Jackie. Keep up the dope stuff.💘💘💘

    1. jackie says:

      Thanks Love💖💖 I can’t wait too.

  2. Jackie ❤️❤️.

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you💝💝

  3. I feel like the twenties is a whole bunch of mixed ventures really…
    Business ideas, Investment deals, Relationship roller coasters both in Family, Friendships and Romance🤣🤣🤣
    But I’d say, its when we define ourselves through little and huge achievements, and downfalls, refine ourselves against all odds.

    Go Jackie!!!💎
    Thanks for the reviews💜

    1. jackie says:

      This is really profound. Looks like you have twenties figured out. It’s exactly what you just said. Thank you for reading💖

  4. Well,
    We all do our best and hope for nothing but the best from the Big Guy upstairs✨

    You’re most definitely welcome Jackie💜

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