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Hello Wild Ones 💓💓💓

I hope you are well and that great things are happening for you. My prayer is that you know how awesome you are. I am currently really proud of how awesome I am and the dope things I continue to do.

It’s so easy to get lost in the statistics, comments and suggestions when blogging. I have found myself obsessing over the numbers and worrying when the views are too low. I found myself even letting the numbers affect how I felt about my blog. Then came the comments, I didn’t understand why I had so many views but no one was engaging with me in the comments. This just made me feel like I wasn’t making any impact and this sucked a little joy from blogging everytime. Then came the many suggestions and for a moment, I wanted to take them. I even started incorporating some but this just sucked more joy. I eventually had to rethink why I blog in the first place.

I went back to the drawing board and realized that I write for catharsis. Everything put out on my blog is for me before it’s for anyone. I write for myself and my writing is the most selfless selfish act I have ever there. I only hope that I inspire someone but if I don’t it’s okay. As long as I am happy with my blog, everything else, the views, the followers, the comments, the sweet emails, the gifts, etc are just a bonus. This is probably why I suck at collaborations, it never comes from my heart or soul. (Sorry for the inconvenience to everyone who has pending projects with me). This experience taught me the importance of staying true and always going to the basics.

What’s the reason you blog?


Today’s Tip

I was having an affirmation party and I made a voice note to myself and the decided to share this celebration of self love with you guys.


With loooove and peace,


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  1. Liz says:

    My blog started as therapy, which I then learnt I wasn’t alone. Then the communication started. I chat via theirs and mine. It’s great when it works both ways.
    But also my blog was to communicate to some small personal friends, so they knew what was going on in my life.
    Having extra friends via WordPress just made it nicer and I came across their blogs.
    My blog has also helped others.
    The blog I write is coming to an end at WordPress though, as I have announced for some time. I am going back to Blogger and will just be around on WP when commenting at the blogs I follow. New blog already running.

    1. jackie says:

      I enjoy your blog. I will definitely try to keep up with on blogger. What is the link?

      1. Liz says:

        You will find the link in my announcement post. I keep the post as a sticky, so it always stays at the stop regardless of new posts.
        I hope you will find my new one just as nice.
        The WP one will stay visible, when it comes to an end. I have no plans to take it down at the moment, for a couple of years at least.
        Posts that air on my WP one are scheduled posts. But any new ones I write, are now on Blogger. The block editor was my final straw when it came to WP. I can’t write with that.

        1. makagutu says:

          I still use the old editor on WP. I don’t like the block editor. It’s like the developers are committed to making WP annoying with every update

          1. Liz says:

            They are certainly forcing it on us. The old editor is only around so long, so I don’t plan to stay around until then blogging.
            I wasn’t happy with them before this. So this makes the final straw. It was the blogging community that has kept me around. But I can come back to that, by commenting on their blogs and anywhere else.
            I wouldn’t be surprised if WP does see some effect from this, for upset caused to bloggers by them forcing block editor.

            1. makagutu says:

              I think I will keep using WP for a while. I have a blogger site but I haven’t posted to it in a long time.

              1. Liz says:

                I know I won’t be gone completely. It’s the community I would miss. So definitely be around for that. It just won’t be on my WP blog, but instead everyone elses I follow. 🙂

          2. jackie says:

            I know right? I wonder where they correct their feedback.

        2. jackie says:

          Just saw the blogger blog. Could you add a like button?

          1. Liz says:

            No like button comes on blogger. But I wouldn’t use one if they had. I stopped using on this one as announced some time ago.

            1. jackie says:

              Oooh okay. I just feel weird when sometimes all I want to say is ‘I love the post’ because it feels like spamming.

              1. Liz says:

                Add further, as to why you love the post, because as you say, it can look like spamming, when commenting on people’s blog posts, with just I love your post, or similar.

                I value comments over likes. Although my blog has been therapy in the past, it has also been used as communication for my friends that live further than just local area to me, so they know what I am up to and how I am. I then with my friends would chat more, into more detail than on my blog post, if needed, that I wouldn’t share on my blog via our own communication.
                But where I do share here, it has helped others and so new chats turn into regular chats here, via blog posts too. But only to a certain extent.

  2. I actually completely understand what you’re saying. I felt the same way when I had just started my blog, until I got some advice from big time bloggers and they made me question why I started my blog too. I started my blog for myself and for my group of family and friends. To share food, my life experiences and certain conversations that I want to have. I used to do it on my WhatsApp Status updates and realised that starting a blog where I could just put everything would be so much better. And 8 months later, I completely enjoy it. For me it’s about the content and not the analytics and stats.

    1. jackie says:

      True it’s not the analytics and stats. It’s about the story you are putting out.

  3. It was not in vain that I followed your blog. This is exactly me, I recently launched my blog (01 August 2020) and I’m going through exactly that. I know it’s still too early but sometimes it kills me inside when I have just 3/4 views even after an effort to put the word out there. Even though the stats aren’t what I would want, I still publish every Saturday, because I tell myself I don’t have to inspire everyone. And more than anything, I blog for me. Every piece of writing is me talking to me. It took me a lot of courage to even set up my blog and I’m glad I did.


    1. jackie says:

      You have a great message. I just went through your blog and I loooove it. Just make sure you engage with other bloggers on WordPress. There’s a reciprocal principle that happens here; You read and engage with my stuff and I do the same for yours. You are definitely going to grow keep your head up.!!

      1. 😊 You just gave a whole boost. Thank you so much.

      2. 😊You just gave me a whole boost. Thank you so much.

    2. makagutu says:

      To add to what Jackie has said, consistency is also important.
      Keep writing even when you see no likes or comments. Someone possibly read it & continued their walk.
      Tag your posts correctly. Avoid click baits- they work just for a time.

      1. I really appreciate this.😊 Thank you so much.

  4. storianblog says:

    I love your comments on what not to say to people with mental illness. I am glad that you are blogging and that you are doing it first and foremost for yourself. I write for me, too. Writing what others want to read might get you followers and likes but that recognition comes at a price. Your voice and your truth more important than any statistic.

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you,the comments aren’t mine though, I got from Pinterest. True, that recognition comes at a price. Thank for reading

  5. I consider blogging as a hobby, something that helps me relax. I don’t want to obsess over stats and views, as that would only stress me out further! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. jackie says:

      Blogging is hobby for me too. I loe your content btw, It gives a lot to think about. Thank you for reading.

  6. Oh My God I can totally relate to this! It’s like you read my mind! This is something I’ve also struggled with a lot in blogging! But when it all comes to the why, I get reminded that I started this blog to inspire, impact, talk about what others can’t say loud, sharpen my writing skills, and above all a safe space for expressing my opinions as well as listen and engage with my readers . Thank you for this kind reminder!

    1. jackie says:

      True, it’s all about the why. Thank you for reading.

  7. makagutu says:

    What would get to me was why those posts that I had spent so much time researching on got the least comments while those that were lazily written could have so many comments. These days I am fine with whatever interaction we have.

    1. jackie says:

      I relate to this. This can be frustrating.

      1. makagutu says:

        But I think it happens a lot across the blogosphere that it no longer worries me.

  8. You are doing GREAT👍 My blog is just a summary of who I am (hobbies). Its really a great platform for me to really enjoy my own company and learn more about my personality (I’m still trying to figure it out but it’s a fun exercise tho)

    1. jackie says:

      Wooow!! I also do this. Use writing to know myself better.

      1. It really helps 🙂

  9. fleschj says:

    Great blog, Jackie. I’ve only been blogging for about 4 months, and I’ve had similar experiences with worrying about, or obsessing over views, comments, etc. However, like you I write for me first. What’s inspiring me, moving me, touching me at the moment? That’s what I write about. Then, if that strikes something within someone awesome, and if not, that’s okay. Why? Because it’s about the writing, first and foremost. Great post, thanks! 🙂

    1. jackie says:

      Great insight. Thank you for sharing the opportunities too.

  10. Joana says:

    Same, I started this just for me. At first, I didn’t even care if someone would read it. Like, you said the views are just a bonus but still grateful to have someone liking your work. 😊

    1. jackie says:

      True it’s a welcome bonus.

  11. Mylifeaslisa says:

    This is so helpful it’s so easy to be affected by the views or comments .

    1. jackie says:

      True!! Thank you so much for reading.

  12. As a blogger who eventually plans to turn this hobby into a source of income I find myself obsessing over the views and likes of my blog. I started my blog simply to unleash my creativity and to practice my craft and so at the end of the day as long as I am doing those things I am happy. I’m always glad when fellow bloggers leave their comments because that means I have inspired them in some way. Now blogging has become more than just a place to practice poetry, it’s become a place to get inspired, and to meet interesting people like yourself–whom I’d like to thank for following my blog and helping it grow. ❤️

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you for sharing.

  13. Shelly DS says:

    Gosh Jackie, you’re not alone! I love reading your posts and will comment whenever I can but you know that unless you are doing it for you, all the engagement won’t fulfill you. I was obsessed with my numbers too but over the last week I chose to actively ignore the stats page, and now I’m gonna just skip posting tomorrow. There’s stuff I have in drafts and other things I want to type but because it feels like a must, then it’s time to step back. Keep reminding yourself of the why 💖 your hardcore loyals will be here no matter what 😉

    1. jackie says:

      I actually thought about your posts about blogging and stats when I was really obsessing. It gave me comfort to know it’s a normal feeling.💖💖 Thank you for sharing.

      1. Shelly DS says:

        Haha yay!!! I’ve become a reference 😂

  14. 💯 agree with you. I don’t bother obsessing about the numbers any more. I blog because I believe that my story and the lessons I have learned,and am learning, may help someone else. I often get messages from people thanking me for sharing and letting me know how my story, or the quotes that I post, has positively impacted their lives. Each of those messages validates my reason for writing and leaves me feeling fulfilled. I am grateful to have a platform to share my story and to be of service to others.

    1. jackie says:

      True, It is always about the why. The numbers shouldn’t matter.

  15. makagutu says:

    I keep coming to this post, then I remembered that earlier in my blogging days, I wrote an advice to bloggers based on some quotes by a philosopher I like. He wrote

    ….the difficulty of winning fame by any given work stands in reverse ratio to the number of people who are likely to read it; and hence it is so much harder to become famous as the author of a learned work than as a writer who aspires only to amuse.

    My blog post is here and it is the comments that are most interesting, not what I wrote 🙂

    1. jackie says:

      Woow I love that quote.

      1. makagutu says:

        Me too.

  16. That voice note and the background music is everything!!

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you.

  17. Before my third attempt, I created my blog in the first place to express myself and connect with people. My anxiety gets bad sometimes so I deleted it two times after because I didn’t seem to do so well on the engaging part. I overthink what to say/reply to someone all the time that I get a headache. Even now I’ve blogged longer than I did in the past, it’s still a problem for me but I don’t want to give up, I’m going to get better at it, no matter how long it takes. I enjoy writing down my thoughts so much because it’s the only way I know how to communicate.

    It can get overwhelming (the engaging with people) sometimes though that I self sabotage and not write anything for days. Please, If you have any advise, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    1. jackie says:

      I can relate to feeling overwhelmed with engaging with people too. What I do is try to stay true to myself and only engage when I am feel emotionally and mentally okay.💖💖💖 Not sure if this helps you.

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