U for Unity

Hello Wild Ones,

I hope you are well and doing great. I am full of grace and hope right now.


You keep pulling at everyone

Trying to bring everyone together

You want to be the poster child for unity

You walk around looking for people to fix

Projects to take up on people

Always looking for ways to pick other people’s pieces

Sometimes even chipping away your own pieces for them

You are afraid to look in the mirror

Because then you will see me, myself and I are not in unity

You will see the questions you seek to answer through people

You will see the same old story with different characters

You will see the broken inner child sealed in your shell

You will see the pain you taught yourself to love

So you keep looking for people to ignite it

Just in case this time the pain will mean something

For you, denial, chaos and pain are unity

But at least it’s unity so you live by it

With love and loooove,


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  1. No one ever stops to check on the comforters and builders in our society🤧

    1. jackie says:

      True!! But they also need to learn to take care of themselves.

      1. agreeed

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