V for Voice- Don’t ever silence your voice!!

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Hello Wild Ones 🥰🥰,

I hope you are doing great and that awesome things are happening for you!! I am currently full of bliss and peace. I am just grateful for life!!

Today my therapist and I were looking back on my journey to healing and one of the goals I had written at the beginning of our meetings was ” I don’t want to feel like a burden as far as my feelings are concerned.” I remember when I met her I felt really bad and angry with myself for feeling the way I did. I hated the feeling of needing someone to lean on. I needed saving but I wanted to save myself. I remember how hard the nights were. I was alone with my thoughts. I would pace back and forth trying to calm myself down. All this was just me trying to silence my voice. I refused to let myself feel. I had decided that if my feelings are not good and positive vibes then I shouldn’t be feeling them. I silenced every bit of sadness, anger, pain, and disappointment the minute it came but the thing with silencing things is that they don’t leave. They become stronger in the silence and you will never hear them coming.

Don’t ever silence your voice. What you are feeling is valid whether it’s good or bad. What matters it how you react to those feelings. You need to accept that you have no control over how feel. You just feel it. You are not your feelings so don’t beat yourself up for feeling the way that you do. Just identify the feelings, name them, embrace them, and then deal with them in the most healthy way possible The control comes in how you react to your feelings. Just make sure that you give yourself and others the most grace and love as you deal with them.

In other news what am I wearing:

  • A red cap
  • A peach top with a hoody
  • A red plaid skirt
  • My peyote beads
  • A very big smile

With love and grace,


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  1. Silencing our voice out, it’s wht we do pretending or hiding how we feel or we do to protect what we have… If we can be pretty honest with ourselves and clearly obey ur writing ryt now👌💪😭 it’s need an individual person to decide🤞….

    Thank you for sharing Shira😊

    1. jackie says:

      Yessss!!!! Thank you for reading and engaging!!!

  2. Liz Njoroge says:

    All feelings matter🙏

    1. jackie says:

      Yes they do!! Thank for reading and engaging

  3. Very true..those same feelings we silence can blow us up when they become too much
    Thank you for this !!

    1. jackie says:

      Thank you for reading!!

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