What if I could stop time

What If Series

I hope you are well and that great things are happening for you. My prayer is that you know how awesome you are. I am currently really proud of how awesome I am and the dope things I continue to do.

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What If Series

I will share the most random what if that come to my head.

What if I could stop time

Today I had a horrible day, and I felt really disappointed because I had woken up in a perfect mood, but everything was just slow. I had woken up, dressed up even though we are on lockdown here, and determined to have a good day, then it didn’t happen. We plan then God laughs. I found myself wishing that I could freeze the time I was wearing my lipstick in time. I was saying affirmations to myself, and I felt stunning and happy for the new day.

But then again, how could I have known that the day would turn out like that? Plus, freezing time would be boring and monotonous. So this got me thinking about being what I could have more control of my time. What if I could have more power over what I perceived and thought? Why did I decide that the day was ruined just because I failed at one task? Why did I let one job define my whole being? I had allowed one task to make me feel like a failure.

As if the universe had conspired to show me how much of an asshole I was to myself, I saw a meme about how we are always quick to excuse people for their mistakes but dwell on our own mistakes. I decided then that I would seize my day even though it was at 4 pm. I got a video with awesome ‘I am ‘ affirmations and started repeating them to myself, and when I left it, I felt the awesome beautiful person I am. In my way, I was able to stop time.


What if you could stop time?


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With Loooooove and Sunshine 💖🌞💖🌞, Jackie

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  1. Jadwong says:

    Sorry about your day not going as you had planned or wished for. I am glad you were able to salvage as much of it as you could. Kudos on being able to pick yourself up and not allow one bad part of the day to ruin the entire day.
    I am reminded of something a former employer gave me. When I am feeling frustrated and want to give up, I should ask myself if it was just the day that was bad or the job in general. And in most cases, it was the former.

    It is odd, how one small…seemingly small aspect can ruin the whole bunch. One person breaks your heart and all of a sudden it feels like the whole world broke your heart.

    Stopping time would be fun at first. But the elimination of the uncertainty would make life boring. We need a bit of both, a healthy tension between certainty and uncertainty.

    1. jackie says:

      I have the worst relationship with uncertainty but I love how you put it that we need a healthy tension between certainty and uncertainty.

  2. Sharon says:

    I would love control over what I thought and felt over controlling time as well. We are so vulnerable to our own feelings and thoughts which ends up being overwhelming.

    1. jackie says:

      True, It is always marvelling how much our thoughts have power.

  3. PoojaG says:

    Sorry your day didn’t go as planned. Glad you ended up feeling better though. If I could stop time I would probably rectify a lot of dumb stiff I’ve done.

    1. jackie says:

      I relate with wanting to change stuff too though I often try to focus on the lessons and growth I got from these dumb situations.

  4. Wonani says:

    In some way, you really did stop time.

    If I could stop time I would definitely work on my assignments and not have to deal with deadlines.
    But because I can’t physically stop time, I just have to figure out a way to get on top of things smh

    1. jackie says:

      I relate to this so much. I see myself also doing this😂😂😂

      1. Wonani says:

        So sad 😂

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