Where’s Home?

When people ask me where my home is

I look at them blankly and confused

I often wonder which home to tell them

Should I tell them the place my dad came from

Even if the place has reeks of my first heartbreak

Should I tell them the place my mum came from

Even if the place feels like sitting on the edge of the chair

Should I tell them the place I spent my teens trying to figure me out

Even if the place taught me what self-reliance and pain looked like

Should I tell them the place I currently live

Even if I am leaving immediately I graduate

Should I wait till I get married to let them know

Well? What is home?

I think is where my mama’s mukimo reeks

Where her elaborate plans for every meal are painted on the walls

Where she craves a meal and starts to talk about every ingredient with so much eagerness

We plan trips to the market as she speaks of how epic the meal will be

She gathers the ingredients with prowess as she stores them with care

As we walk home, she talks about how her ingredients are going to make a good meal

And when we get home, she proceeds to make the best meal with love

And we got ahead and enjoy the amazing endeavor

Now that’s what I call home!

Home is where my mama is

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  1. Nyamwa says:

    I particularly like this one. .I guess I don’t know where my home is,

    1. jackie says:

      Thanks. I think you know, you just haven’t thought about it

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