Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?

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Hi Wild Ones,

I hope you have been well and keeping safe. So Today I will be rumble about this question in my current series that runs all the way to my birthday on May 24th wooop!!! Wooop!! Hurray!!! (Confetti flying around)

Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?

I always compare myself to people who are younger than me and have more ‘success’ than me. I always flashback to the time I was that age and ask myself what I was doing during that. I know I know, everyone has their journey but every time I see Jane Doe building companies while I am still struggling to understand who I am, I start to wonder if I am doing anything in my life. Some of the things say to myself in those situations is:

🌟 Respect your journey– I remind myself all the things I have survived and I bless the road that has led me to this person. It’s the pain and struggles that make me the gem you love to adore so I should never disrespect that journey.

🌟 Greener Grass- Everyone has a struggle that no one knows about and there’s always an itch on their back that they can’t see to reach so don’t worry yourself so much.

🌟I am awesome- I remind myself that I should be my biggest fan and that I should appreciate whatever I have and who I am no matter what.

🌟Believe that the future is bright- I remind that I am going to be surprised by the far I have come when I look back on this day in one year. I call the success

🌟 Use that dissatisfaction as motivation- Sometimes I feel so bad that I decide that I need to work harder to never feel like that before. This fuel has led me to go and get things I didn’t I could just because I was a little jealous.

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Who do you sometimes compare yourselves to?

With love and comparison,


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  1. All of us think that we are losers, under achiever but the truth is it is just a state of our mind.. Great to see your positivity!

    1. jackie says:

      Yeah true!!! We really enjoy putting ourselves down if only we knew how awesome we are. Thank you for stopping by!!!

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