Z for Zeal

Hello Wild Ones 🐩🐩,

I hope you are well and doing great things. I am filled with joy as I finish this challenge. I have made so much progress emotionally and as a writer from when I started this. I am so glad I was able to immerse myself into this. Now I can wait to start another writing journey and come out better. Thank you so much for showing up to listen to my rumble and I hope you continue to show up!!!!


Sometimes you feel like you are broken

You view your cracks as the scare

People will run away because your cracks are sharp and ugly

You apply balm on the wounds hoping they will heal

May be you can be the same person as you were

But life doesn’t work like that

You need to develop zeal that the heal will break a seal to even more happiness than before

With love and loooove,


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