Let’s talk about Forgiveness

I believe that just like healing, forgiveness is a journey that is personal. It is hills of release and valleys of despise but it gets better and eventually, compassion will prevail. A different story will be told. A story of survival and growth. I hope you find the light.

Here’s to Surrogate Fathers

Today’s post is a testimony of what healing does, allows flowers to grow where pain used to live. The roses still have thorns and sometimes it will hurt but most of the time it is beautiful.

You are not a Nice Guy

I woke up today and chose violence. This post is dedicated to every guy who expects that he deserves a girl because he is basic and believes that he is not a ‘bad boy’. The ones who base their whole personality on the fact that they don’t take drugs and will not cheat on their girls.

What If you are wrong

If you are anything like me, you don’t like being wrong and your ego barely ever lets you admit when you are. It always stings when that happens, doesn’t it? I am learning to listen more and actively.

Guest Post – Calm Wildness

I have been struggling to write this story because I would be the girl who occasionally has suicide ideations and has ever attempted suicide. This story would give me the label, and everyone would say how brave I am for telling it. Then they will turn and treat me like a broken vessel or an…

23 Things I know for sure at 23

Hello Wild Ones 🌞🌞🌞 I hope you are well. You better be treating yourself right and whispering the right things to yourself. You are royal; never forget that. I am surviving and trying my best to get it together. I hope to be more consistent here. Today’s Commercial Break I turned 23 (Confetti flying)🎊🎊🎊 recently….